Snack Your Fat Away

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By Kathryn Haynes, D.C.

There are countless diets, apps, pills and even surgeries to help us lose weight.  Being overweight can drain us emotionally and physically causing headaches, neck pain, back pain, anxiety, poor posture and even depression.  This blog is not a diet, an app, a pill or a surgery.  This blog is about using Snacks as Tools to help you to manage your weight, mood, and hunger.   

Snacks as tools:

Keep in mind that you will typically feel hungry within 5 hours of your last meal. With that said, prepare ahead of time for your next meal or snack.  This way you have a healthy, energy filled food ready to eat when your body needs fuel.  

Packing one or several of the below snacks will equip you with the ‘tools’ you need to happily get through the day in a healthy way.

Snacks to eat when you are TIRED



Green tea



Snacks to eat when you are HUNGRY


Coconut yogurt

Hummus and carrots


Hard boiled egg

Snacks to eat when you are GROUCHY



Ginger tea


Snacks to eat when you are having trouble falling ASLEEP

Herbal tea (no caffeine)


Tart cherries

Turkey bites

Snacks to eat when you are BORED

Words… feed your mind instead.  When we are bored, our brain needs to be fed, not our stomach. Compile motivating or interesting magazines, books, and photos.  Keep these near the kitchen, so that if you get bored and head to the kitchen, you can grab something to feed your brain instead.

In summary, snacks can be used as tools to manage your weight, your mood and your pain.

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