Allergy Relief without Medication

Kathryn Haynes, D.C.

Outdoor allergies have become increasingly common due to a plethora of factors.  Some factors, we do not have direct control of like pesticides and poor air quality.  We do however, have direct control over our own hygiene routines and what we put into our bodies.

The below are a few tips to help prevent, control and/or relieve outdoor allergy symptoms:

  • Take showers before bed instead of in the morning. Showering before bed will wash pollen and other outdoor allergens off of your body and out of your hair.  Washing your hair at night is especially helpful when you sleep.

  • Drink water.  Soda, juice and milk increase inflammation.  Milk, especially, can increase mucus production.

  • Eliminate inflammatory foods: Dairy, Grains, and Processed Foods.  These foods increase mucus production and inflammation.

  • Keep pillows covered until you sleep on it.  Keeping your pillow covered will keep allergens that are floating in the air from landing on your pillow.

  • Diffuse Essential Oils. Lavender, Chamomile, Tea Tree, Lemon, Lemongrass, Bergamot and Eucalyptus essential oils are especially helpful oils for fighting allergies.

  • Be sure your chiropractor adjusts the upper part of your neck.

Allergies can cause sneezing, runny nose, itchy throat, and watery eyes… just to name a few symptoms.  The most common cause of these outdoor allergies are animal dander, dust mites, mold, pollen and air pollution.

Taking a shower before bed, drinking water, eliminating dairy, grains and processed foods, covering your pillow during the day, diffusing essential oils into your room and getting allergy adjustments from your chiropractor are great ways to fight and prevent outdoor allergies.

Although there are many factors that cause allergies, the above tips can help prevent and relieve the symptoms of outdoor allergies.  

“When it comes to your health, we’ve got your back!”

Anti-Aging Diet


Kathryn Haynes, D.C.

Symptoms of chronic inflammation SPEED UP THE AGING PROCESS.  If you want to look YOUNGER and FEEL HEALTHIER, an “anti-aging diet” might do the trick.

Inflammation has a purpose to protect and heal the body.  The problem arises when your body has constant or chronic inflammation in it.  The constant/chronic inflammation can increase the aging process and cause headaches, neck pain, back pain, fibromyalgia, colitis, allergies… and the list goes on.

The list of foods you should avoid is very long… it is actually easier to focus on the foods that FIGHT the aging process and REDUCE inflammation.


  1. Kombucha (organic & raw)
  2. Kale
  3. Spinach
  4. Wild-caught salmon
  5. Tart cherries
  6. Nuts
  7. Turmeric

The above foods are stand-out anti-aging and anti-inflammatory.  With that said, simply EATING Organic Vegetables, Grass Fed Meat, and Wild-Caught Fish will have a dramatic effect on helping you look younger and feel better.

“When it comes to your health, I’ve got your back!”


Kathryn Haynes is a wife, mother, public speaker, yoga enthusiast, chiropractor and the director of Total Health Chiropractic’s downtown location in Chattanooga, TN.

New Year Resolutions


By Codie Burns, Social Media Coordinator

The end of December is always a bizarre time. Many people are busy stuffing themselves with as much non-nutritional food groups they can manage, while also making heavy plans to completely turn over a new leaf with the New Year. It’s common to make fun of the cliché New Year resolutions as quickly as they start they end. But if you do plan to commit to a change in the New Year, make sure to set yourself up for success! The popular resolution is weight loss or better yet getting healthy. Below you will find some great tips to make a resolution stick. Remember that self-improvement is not about a scale number.

Want it:

New Year resolutions shouldn’t be about what your family, friends or even coworkers want. If your resolution starts with “I should” chances are likely that you are feeling some outside pressures. Making positive lifestyle changes is hard work, and involves fighting through many obstacles.

Set Specific Goals:

Try not to be vague such as “I want to exercise more”, try goals such as “I want to go to the gym X times a week” or “I will run X miles per week”. This makes it much more difficult to make excuses for yourself and keeps you accountable for your goals. Specific goals also make tracking progress become more accurate.

One Thing At A Time:

We all know those resolutioners who start out with a laundry list of things they are vowing to change with the New Year. This year they will stop smoking, lose weight, change diet, be kinder to others, drive fewer miles etc. But this in long term is a bad plan for success. It becomes overwhelming and dilutes your main focus into many different sub categories. Pick one resolution to change for the good!

Not Your Average Head Tilt


By Codie Burns, Social Media Coordinator

Have you ever stumbled on people working on laptops in coffee shops, airports, airplanes, on the train, strolling down the street… you name it!? So the question is how this is affecting one’s neck, and is it contributing to headaches?

A study done in 2016 compares women with posture induced headaches vs. age-matched healthy female control subjects to see if there were any differences significant enough in their head tilt and head position forward during use on a laptop.

The team of researchers measured angles for maximum head protraction, head-tilt, and forward head position at neutral resting and while using laptop.  They essentially measured how “slumped” the participant’s posture was at rest vs. while working on a laptop.

Results showed us that the headache group increased head protraction of 22.3 % compared to the control group at rest. Laptop work head position was significantly worse tin the headache group.

The average head weighs 12 pounds and for every inch we add to a forward head position, the neck and upper back muscles are burdened with an extra 10 pounds of load to maintain an upright position for the head. This means that five-inch forward head position adds 50 pounds of weight to the neck and upper back!! It’s no wonder that bad posture leads to chronic neck pain and headaches.

Chiropractic is one of the most patient-satisfying, fast acting remedies for neck pain and headaches. Chiropractors will use spinal joint manipulation combined with exercise training, these combined approaches result in the best long term benefits and outcomes!

Chiropractic Care for Chronic Ear Infections


By Codie Burns, Social Media Coordinator

More and more parents are looking to chiropractors to complement their children’s health care, as they should!  

Chiropractic care can add extra benefits to any child’s health care, especially when it comes to chronic ear infections. Chiropractic care does not treat diseases, but rather is the restoration of normal body functions. By using gentle spinal adjustments for children, your chiropractor will work with your nervous system to enhance  overall body function. Ear infections are actually the number 1 reason children visit the chiropractor. Many chiropractors believe that there is a strong connection between chronic ear infections and the initial birthing process. Did you know ear infections account for nearly 35% of all pediatric visits in the US. The usual treatment by a pediatric doctor for an ear infection is antibiotics and this isn’t the most effective and can lead to recurrence of ear infections. The problem is that some children are dealing with this continuous cycle of repeat infections in the ear, which lands them more antibiotics. The American Academy of Pediatrics recognizes a “watch and wait” approach, because evidence does support through research that repeated antibiotics can be ineffective at treating chronic ear infections and can actually lead to continuous ear infection in your child.

As a parent, we have the option to either treat or not treat. If we do decide to treat you can treat allopathically (drug use) or go the natural route. Going the chiropractic route will improve your child’s inherent ability to function. By getting your child adjusted you are increasing your child’s restoration of normal body functions.

Chiropractic care is a drugless approach that is conservative if your child has suffered from chronic ear infections. Give us a call today to schedule your child’s next wellness visit (423) 517-7000.

What is Kinesiology Tape?


Kinesio tape is made of 100% elastic fibers that are latex free. It has a wave like pattern, which is on purpose, to mimic fingerprints and also allow the tape to breathe. If properly applied, Kinesio tape can be used for virtually anything that deals with chronic pain. For the purpose of this blog, I’ll specifically speak about Kinesio tape with athletes and tape usage.

This tape can be an expediential aid to athletes. Kinesio tape can be applied in the middle of a workout or in the event of a sudden injury. Many chiropractors or therapists will use different strengths in tensions to allow the ligaments and muscles to assist when an injury occurs.

A great benefit of the Kinesio tape is that it doesn’t prohibit range of motion, but not to the extent that you are likely to injure yourself further. However, if you are in midst of an event and use Kinesio tape, it does just act as a Band-Aid. The tape will allow you to continue in event, but it is recommended for you to seek medical attention after event.

For Alignment

Did you know the Kinesio tape helps with alignment? If you have a habit of slouching or an area of your body that is not properly aligned, Kinesio tape can help bring the body back into alignment. It’s important to remember that having correct alignment can decrease pain and help the joints recover from activities

For Pain

Kinesio tape is also great for decreasing pain in certain areas of the body. After a manual adjustment, Kinesio tape can be placed on the affected area to decrease the discomfort. There’s even a method for taping if you’re bruised or experience swelling that will help fluids drain into the lymphatic ducts. Draining into these ducts helps decrease swelling and ultimately aids body to get rid of bruising on the body.

For Rehab

Athletes sometimes experience body exhaustion after an event or may feel over trained if they are a non-competitive athlete and this is where rehab comes in. Manual adjustments are an important factor in rehabilitation. Applying Kinesio tape after an adjustment can increase adequacy of your treatment. Having the tape applied can lead to help open up that fascial tissue to make adjustments easier while also granting continuous stabilization to the area affected. Kinesio tape gives the ligaments and muscles the chance to restore and rebuild by taking the pressure off the area

Applying Kinesio Tape

It is important to always have an individual who is trained to tape, such as our Total Health Chiropractic Chiropractors. Taping may look simple, but there are a variety of different taping methods that involve tension and strength. Just remember taping yourself is not an easy task. It’s worth going to an individual who can effectively tape you. If done correctly, the longevity of the tape can last up to 5 days.

Your body is very important and going to professionals such as our Chiropractor at Total Health is the right choice! If you’re interested in finding out more information about Kinesio taping give us a call at (423) 517-7000.

I just woke up with Neck Pain!


 By Codie Burns, Social Media Coordinator

A common complaint that patients have when they come to Total Health Chiropractic for the first time is neck pain. We all know waking up with pain in your neck is well… a pain in the neck!

The good news is in most cases the neck pain you experience from waking up is not caused by any serious medical condition. It’s probably because you slept on it “funny,” but it is always a good idea to jot down any symptoms you are experiencing and schedule an appointment to see your Total Health chiropractor.

We see many patients come that they just woke up and the neck pain was there. If you’ve woken up with similar pain and have very limited motion range, this could be due to torticollis, also known as wry neck. Wry neck can feel like a muscle spasm in your neck. It can be caused due to trauma, weather changes, a hard workout after the flu/common cold or even stress. Seeing a chiropractor as soon as you experience sudden neck pain can stimulate a more speedy recovery and help get rid of the neck pain.

A good way to dodge waking up with neck pain is to sleep on your back in what’s called the supine position. The supine position is where you have a pillow that supports your head and neck, but doesn’t necessarily push it forward. If you have issues sleeping on your back, such as sleep apnea you can turn to your side. Make sure to have a good supported pillow in-between your knees. We suggest to patients to invest in a good memory-foam pillow. The foam molds around your neck, keeping it fully aligned with your spine.

How do I know if I need a chiropractor after an auto accident?


By Codie Burns, Social Media Coordinator

Here at Total Health Chiropractic, many of our Chattanooga patients have been in some sort of auto accident. These accidents can range from minor fender benders to crashes that result in physical trauma. The one question often asked is, “How to know if you need to see a chiropractor after being involved in an auto accident?”. Let’s take a closer look!

When you’re involved in an auto accident, sometimes you’ll immediately know that something is wrong. For example, you may start to notice that there is pain present in areas of your body such as your back and neck, which is often associated with whiplash. These are clear signs that something isn’t right!

Or, shortly after accident you may start to experience dizziness, headaches, difficulty sleeping. In these cases, physical marks may not be present, but making the choice to seek medical treatment, such as seeing a chiropractor, can help immensely. Internally, something is obviously going on and it’s always best to pinpoint what’s going on so it can be treated effectively.

The hard one is when there is no pain present and no other signs that you may be injured internally or externally.  This causes you to be less inclined to get checked out and assume you are 100% OK. While this may seem logical in the long run, reality is that you could have sustained an injury and didn’t even realize it. The reason that this can happen is that sometimes pain and other symptoms don’t surface for days, weeks, or even months. So not seeing a doctor because symptoms are lacking can greatly affect your ability to overcome the injury. This delayed treatment can negatively affect your recovery capabilities.

So to conclude, anytime you’re involved in an auto accident, no matter how minor it can seem, you still want to follow up with your Total Health Chiropractic Chiropractor to ensure you’re in tip top shape and that your vertebrae and spinal discs are still properly aligned.

Give us a call today (423) 517-7000.

Chiropractic in the Workplace


By Codie Burns, Wellness Coordinator

What do Facebook, Apple and Google all have in common? I’m sure you recognize these company names. They are all leaders in their specific fields and have chiropractic in common. That’s right! These popular companies all have workplace health clinics. These clinics are onsite and address employee’s health concerns.

Preserving Health Now for an Improved Life

These clinics support chiropractic and are sending a powerful message that chiropractors have been sending for years; maintaining your health with chiropractic leads to decreased health care costs down the road and can enhance your quality of life!

Conveying Full Potential

While we may not find ourselves in the same luck as Facebook, Apple or Google employees that are provided with chiropractic care, this should still illustrate the importance that chiropractic can have on your health! Employee absences from the job can cost companies millions or even billions every year.  Chiropractic is more than just the obvious spinal adjustments; regular treatments are designed to keep our nervous systems in the top notch conditions. Regular adjustments will give your immune system a jump start and ensure your body is less susceptible to illness and injury.

We offer FREE Health & Wellness Workshops

Total Health Chiropractic understands that most companies don’t supply employees with regular chiropractic treatments and that is why our community outreach program exists to help spread the word on chiropractic care and that is affordable with or without insurance! We offer a variety of FREE health and wellness workshops to local companies, schools and churches. If you’re interested in scheduling a workshop, contact Katie Horten at

Back-Friendly Pointers for Yard Work

By Codie Burns, Wellness Coordinator

You may have a love connection; loathe it or simply feel impartial to it, but the never ending yard work is a part of most of our lives. Whether you’re a garden fanatic preserving all your filtration systems and raised garden beds or someone who is just maintaining your yard, it’s important to understand the correct precautions for avoiding muscle strain.

Prevention is the ideal approach; Total Health Chiropractic offers the following pointers to ensure a safe, valuable day of gardening, landscaping or yard work.

-Using proper cushioned pads to support knees while gardening is always a plus! Check local garden stores for these specially made pads. These knee pads not only offer relief, but they also improve body position that helps decrease injury.

-Moistening soil prior to breaking ground with a hoe or other garden tool with make the job a good bit easier on your back and of course you!

-If you are using any equipment such as a motorized trimmer, make sure it first has a strap and second that you use it. By placing strap over your head and onto shoulder this helps to normalize your gravity. Always switch sides in which you operate equipment on.

-Make sure to bend from the knees, not at the waist when picking items up or putting them down.

-When holding equipment, try to keep as close as possible to body as you lift.

-Stretching prior to gardening, landscaping or yard work will do wonders for your body. Stretching also helps to prepare your body for the work ahead.

-Ditch the flip flops and/or sandals and opt for a more supportive style shoe that supports arch care while gardening.